Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tradtion Spirit Honor


"Fix You" BYU vs Utah 2006


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lindsay Buckingham

Fleetwood Mac - Bleed To Love Her Lyrics

Once again she steals away

Then she reaches out to kiss me

And how she takes my breath away

Pretending that she dont miss me

Oh...i would bleed to love her

Ooooh...bleed to love her

Whoa...i would bleed to love her

And once again she calls to me

Then she vanishes in thin air

And how she takes my breath away

Pretending that she dont care

Oh...i would bleed to love her

Ooooh...bleed to love her

Whoa...i would bleed to love her

Somebodys got to see this through

All the world is laughing at you

Somebodys got to sacrifice

If this whole things gonna turn out right

Oh...i would bleed to love her

Ooooh...bleed to love her

Whoa...i would bleed to love her

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

1980 Holiday Bowl - BYU vs SMU


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The BYU/Utah Rivalry

I am a long time fan of BYU, and to a lesser degree, the University of Utah. (I know that's not supposed to be possible . . . yaddy, yaddy, yadda . . . My critics can believe what they want.) And, a few years ago, I had an experience that illustrates for me what is wrong with the BYU/Utah rivalry:

I was sitting in Rice-Eccles Stadium watching Urban Meyer, Alex Smith, Eric Weddle and Company take-on the Wyoming Cowboys. I was there to observe the Ute's outstanding execution and to cheer them on to victory. But, what struck me was how a certain group of vocal fans in front of me were there, apparently, for totally different reasons:

1) To hang out with their buddies.
2) Get drunk. (They smuggled in booze.)
3) Act rowdy. (They were throwing candy and peanuts at people below them in the stands.)
4) And, boo BYU -- who wasn’t even playing!

One of them wore a T-shirt depicting Calvin (from the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbs") urinating on the BYU logo. And, every few minutes they would stand up, toot a kazoo, and rattle off some cheer ending with the words: "BYU sucks!" In their minds, they probably liked to think of themselves as being "great Utah fans." But, the reality is that they were not even watching what was happening on the field. From what I witnessed, they could not have cared less about the University of Utah and the team that represents that fine school. Rather, what they were really all about was rebelling against the dominant Mormon culture, and using BYU as a surrogate for their expressions of bigotry.

That is what is so disgusting about the BYU/Utah rivalry -- the hatred, and the extreme incivility.

I wish that this was only a problem with a few "bad Utah fans." The truth is that there are thousands of BYU fans who behave in as equally reprehensible ways. For example, I was totally ashamed of the way some of them booed MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson when he presented the football team with its championship trophy last year. At least the small group of drunk Utah fans that I sat behind could blame alcohol for some of their boorish behavior. But, the sober BYU fans, who so poorly represented their school, can only blame their own lack of Christian ethics.

Apparently, too many of us are more concerned about watching satellite TV than we are with reading the scriptures. How embarrassing. May we all repent, regardless of the colors we wear.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Craig Thompson

Last Saturday BYU defeated the University of New Mexico in football, and in the process, garnered enough victories this season to win the conference championship outright.

I couldn't have been more proud.

Following the game, the Mountain West Conference Commissioner, Craig Thompson, was on hand to present the team with the championship trophy. And how, you may ask, did many of the good fans of BYU who were in attendance represent the "Lord's Team" to this guest of the school?


They lustily booed him. They unmercifully humiliated him.

I couldn't have been more ashamed.

Apparently these folks believed that they were justified because they are currently not able to watch certain sporting events on TV, and they believe Mr. Thompson is to blame.

Oh, yes, that is quite important. Go right ahead then, abuse this child of God.

But, is that what Jesus would do? Is that choosing the right? I don't think so. Some things are more important than sports or TV. I am sad that too many of our people don't get it.

Maybe the Lord will intervene and let BYU return to its recent losing-ways in order to humble us fans. Apparently, we need it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bronco Mendenhall

I had the opportunity to meet Bronco Mendenhall several years ago when he was a graduate assistant at Oregon State. I was immediately impressed. I have been a believer in him ever since.

From his hiring as the head football coach at BYU, I have patiently endured the punditry of lesser men in the media as they have ridiculed everything from his motivational techniques to his communication style. All along I have consistently defended him whenever I had the opportunity, knowing that he would eventually have success.

Now, it is fun to hear these lesser men fall all over themselves in praising his team. The coach and the fine young men he leads have proven themselves on the field and on the score board. No one has given them anything, they are simply taking what is rightfully their own.

They are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve, but those of us who truly love them should not be deceived by all these "kind words." Eventually, difficulty and set-backs will come, and just as surely, the "boo birds" in the peanut gallery will re-emerge.

In that day, we must be prepared to stand with them, to defend the sound and noble approach coach Mendenhall has charted. He was right and his critics were wrong at the beginning, and that pattern will continue to play itself out well into the future. But, he will need us to stand by him in the days to come, stable and steady.

My call, therefore, is for each of us who believe to stay on the bandwagon, true blue, through and through. Otherwise, we will receive our just deserts of failure and futility.